What We Do

Relevance software delivers information from almost any source, through relevant, uniquely personal messages to virtually anyone, anywhere.

What We Do Overview

Products – Relevance integrates with virtually any business process or application, using universal data access and sophisticated business rules to create highly relevant documents, delivered automatically or on-demand by e-mail, fax, or voice, to a personal web site, or through web services

Features – Emphasis is placed on the intelligent interaction between all-too-often isolated business processes, where knowledge from one process can greatly enhance communications in another

Samples – Although far from being an exhaustive list, the samples on this page illustrate some of the ways in which Relevance might be used to improve communications

Services – We provide a full range of services to incorporate with, and enhance your ability to communicate with relevance

Support – Support services are available to meet your requirements

FAQ –The FAQ page is intended to help clarify our views on various topics, technical and otherwise, and to help you gain a better understanding of our position on these issues

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