Relevance software products and services empower organizations of all sizes to build more profitable relationships by vastly improving the quality and effectiveness of virtually any corporate communications.

Improving communications through intelligent documents strengthens relationships both internal and external to the organization, with benefits accrued to all involved.

Relevance Software

Relevance software integrates with virtually any business process or application.

Relevance software is centered around smart documents. Intelligence is derived from flexible business rules that are encapsulated within user-defined scripts that can seamlessly integrate code and data written in multiple scripting languages.

Relevance uses universal data access technology, to read, write, and exchange data from almost any source, anywhere, including the web.

Relevance creates a searchable, sortable 'Virtual Touchpoint' database – a history of every instance of communications corporate-wide – that can be presented to any client, in a customizable format.

Communications via e-mail, fax, or voice can be initiated on-demand through virtually any business application either manually or programmatically, triggered by real-time business process events and criteria, or delivered by pre-scheduled broadcasts.

Relevance software's rich feature set delivers communications with high performance, stability, flexibility, and scalability.

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