Demos and Samples

Relevance can be used for virtually any application involving the communication of information from any source to any client.

Demos, Samples, and Case Studies

Interactive Demos

The interactive demos use Relevance On Demand, which provides access to any Relevance document or application, through any web browser.

You will need to create a profile, which is used to dynamically generate each demo. The more complete your profile, the more relevant the demos will be. We encourage you to change your profile (there is an Update Profile link at the bottom of each demo page), to see how it affects the output. To begin, please...

Create a profile if you have not already done so, or

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Samples and Case Studies

The following samples illustrate how Relevance might be used to improve communications. Although they represent typical applications, Relevance is by no means limited to these types of applications virtually any communications will benefit from the use of Relevance.

Order Acknowledgement Provide clients with order status information and resolve small problems before they become big problems that could damage your client relationships

Marketing Postcard Don't push what you want on the client, give them what they want it shows them that you're listening, and you'll encounter a whole lot less resistance if you do!