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January 25, 2006
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Relevant Communications Announces
'Reverse Targeted Marketing'

San Francisco, CA - January 25th, 2006 - The shift from mass to micro marketing was a key driver behind the latest release of the Relevance™ product suite, and the concept of 'Reverse Targeted Marketing'. Relevance™ is a customer-centric product that applies the concept of Reverse Targeted Marketing, and carries it through to sales and ultimately the entire customer lifecycle.

According to Denise Chenier, Sales & Marketing Manager, "With traditional targeted marketing, the message is typically designed around a predefined demographic, which by definition, limits your market to that demographic. With Reverse Targeted Marketing, every contact is potentially included in your target market, and each individual's distinctive demographic, geographic, and behavioral information is used to tailor a unique message relevant to that specific contact. Not only do you improve response rates at the individual level by delivering personally relevant messages, but also, you end up targeting a much larger audience by including individuals who would normally fall outside of the original target market".

Ms. Chenier suggests "You can't create meaningful relevance through static documents, templates, or even simple conditional content. True relevance is created by using rules that take into account demographic, geographic, and behavioral factors, and applying them not only to the message content, but also to determine when it is sent, to whom it is sent, and how it is sent. What makes our approach different is that the basis for relevant communications is not a document, but rather rules that define relevance, answering the question - 'Why', 'when', and 'how' is 'what' relevant to 'whom'?" Messages don't exist as documents in the conventional sense. Instead they're individually created whenever they're needed, piecing together text, images, sounds, and other content, based on corporate, personal, and external information related to an individual, and then delivered in the most appropriate manner; by e-mail, fax, voice, or over the Internet.

The latest release of Relevance™ is targeted at applications including very sophisticated e-mail campaigns, dynamically created micro-customized web landing pages, up and cross sell applications that connect marketing to sales, individually customized newsletters, event driven communications, alerts, and notifications to name a few.

About Relevant Communications

Relevant Communications Corporation products are designed to create highly relevant messages for individual prospects and customers. These messages build long-lasting customer relationships, loyalty, and ultimately, corporate profitability, through greatly enhanced communications, whether for traditional sales and marketing to prospect and customer, supply chain management, internal interactions between various workgroups and departments, and/or business processes and applications.

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